Yesterday’s Blackface, Today’s Pipelines, Racist Cops All Along

On Monday January 4, 2019, officer Rob Stamm was observed policing at a rally on the Virginia capitol grounds in support of the residents of Union Hill — a historically Black community currently being targeted by Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The residents of Union Hill want the racist Virginia governor Ralph Northam to resign not only because of his use of black face 30 years ago, but because of his racist policies that are impacting them today.

Virginia Capitol Police were on site during these protests, as they have been all weekend, their presence threatening the use of force against anyone who stepped out of line.

As anti-fascists and anarchists, we oppose the police in the same way we oppose Ralph Northam and all governors, all pipelines and all corporations. We stand against every instance of domination, oppression and exploitation. And we know our history… The Virginia Capitol Police force is the U.S.’s oldest police force, founded in 1618 to enforce violent colonial genocide on behalf of white and European settlers against Indigenous people. In various iterations over the next several centuries, it would serve as the slave patrol, the “protectors of property,” enforcers of indentured servitude contracts against poor European settlers and freedmen. The institutions of power which they serve have not changed. VCP remain a force for colonialism, brutal racism and capitalism.

While we believe policing is, inherently, a white supremacist institution, when the cops are so bold as to make their allegiances open, we seize the opportunity. When they tout their allegiance to overtly fascist groups, we name them and expose their ties. Maybe, from reading this story, others will become more attuned to the racist dog-whistles and white supremacist symbolism that proliferate among white men obsessed with power and European identity. Maybe from this exposure, other overt white supremacists will be discouraged from joining law enforcement, where their violence is even more legitimized as state force. Maybe they will make their symbolism more obscure and keep their allegiances off social media. Regardless of the outcome, our position on the police will not change.

We do not want to provide nazi cops with paid vacation. But one less pig on the streets is one less murderer patrolling around flashing their badge and gun.


Inside Antifa Seven Hills

by Jo Rozycki for RVA Mag

August 8, 2018

Receiving a call from a caller ID-less number was the first sign I was dealing with a group that really wishes to keep its anonymity. The second sign was when my contact told me Eric wasn’t his real name.

This was my phone call with Antifa Seven Hills.

For those who are unaware of the group, Antifa Seven Hills is one of the many anti-fascist organizations across the country that organizes to quash fascism, racism, and other evils within their communities, and hopefully worldwide.

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Spreading the Memory of Dan & Spit

A few months ago, the Torch Network called for a day of action in remembrance of Dan Shersty & Spit Newborn on July 4th, the anniversary of their passing. We were happy to see this quickly gain traction, as it is important to take time to reflect and appreciate the struggle of those before us, just as it is important to take time to appreciate our own. It was particularly valuable to have a casual, positive focus on a holiday that we are fairly cynical about. 
We tossed around some different ideas, but nothing seemed completely original. Meanwhile, between our social media presence and others helping to spread the call, it seemed that a pretty significant audience had already been reached online. 
We thought that if we really wanted to share their story, we should go beyond engaging our own milieu. In fact, many of the folks who had already been made aware through our sharing the call to action were eager to check out for the duration of the holiday, whether to take advantage of the day off or to avoid the intoxication of patriotism. Meanwhile, the online chatter seemed sufficient, and limited in its own way.

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Remember Dan & Spit!

This year, the TORCH Network is calling on antifascists everywhere to take back July 4th from this legacy of white supremacy and instead fight back against fascism and oppression in celebration and remembrance of Dan and Spit’s life work. We urge you to join us in lifting up their names and making sure that their sacrifice isn’t forgotten. Drop a banner, table at a show, host an anti-fascist reading group, provide outreach and support to oppressed communities, write letters to anti-racist prisoners, burn an American flag, put up anti-fascist posters, organize a solidarity demo, or take action against local fascists in Dan and Spit’s names. The list goes on- get creative, get in the streets, and take action this July 4th! Dan and Spit may be gone, but we will continue to carry on this work without them. They will not be forgotten.

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2018 Torch Network Conference

2018 Torch Antifascist Network Conference
Hosted by Antifa Seven Hills
September 1st & 2nd
Richmond, Virginia
This Labor Day Weekend, the 5th Annual Torch Antifascist Network Conference will bring together antifascists and radicals from across the continent to share experiences, refine strategies, and critically analyze ongoing liberation struggles we are engaged with. The conference will be a space of encounter and reflection as we continue to build sites of resistance, structures of counterpower, and networks of solidarity across the United Snakes of Amerikkka and the world.
Crews interested in joining Torch Network should contact the chapter(s) closest in geography and affinity as soon as possible.

Updates can be found here,, and via social media: @ash_antifa @TorchAntifa


Welcome to the Antifa Seven Hills (ASH) website. Here we will post updates on various nazis and fascists in the Richmond, Virginia area, current events, and so forth.